The Goddess Calls

Ancient Goddesses from many cultures around the world are returning in modern times. The return of the Divine Feminine power is rising now during the shift away from the dominant patriarchy into the gentle energies of the Mother Goddess bringing unity and harmony to our planet. The ancient wisdom and sacred power of the Goddess is available to empower, support and heal you on your Sacred Feminine path.

In Vickie's class you will gain insight into the cultures, myths and archetypes of the Goddesses.  

The Triple Goddess symbolizes and honors the three phases of a woman's life as Maiden, Mother and grandmother/Wise Woman. We will use the Power Goddess Oracle Deck for divinity readings and guidance.


Learn how to create an altar to honor the Goddess and bring her energy into your daily life.  Whether you are old or new to the blessings of the Goddess, gain insight and clarity into the love and support that is available when you align with the power of the Divine Feminine!  


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