Level I: Reiki Class 

First-degree Reiki Practitioner 

Class concepts include Usui Tibetan Reiki, Kanji Power Symbol, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Clearing, Hands-on Healing

Techniques, Intuitive Styles,

How to Ground and Protect Your

Energy and Animal Reiki. 

Vickie's class provides a solid

foundation for Reiki healers to begin

their practice  with confidence.

Students receive a Reiki Manual,

Spiritual Attunement to Reiki Energy

and Reiki Practitioner Certification.


Registration Required, $250.

Level II: Reiki Class

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Level III: Reiki Master Class

Third-degree Reiki Master Class

advances with Tibetan Reiki Master Symbols, Ancient Antakarana Symbols, and Advanced Healing Methods. 

Vickie's Master Class includes integrating

Shamanic practice with the medicine wheel, drumming, smudging, rattles, plant medicine, feathers and journeying.

Students receive their Reiki Master

Attunement and Reiki Master Certification. 


Registration Required, $300


Level IV Reiki Teacher Certification Class upon request.

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Second Degree Reiki Practitioner Class includes accessing the Universal Healing Energies,

Distance Healing, Emotional and Distance Reiki Symbols, The Akashic Records, Pendulums, Chakras 8-12, Chakra Crystals, additional healing techniques and working with clients in  your Reiki practice. 

Students receive their second Spiritual Reiki Attunement and Level ll Practitioner Certification. 

Registration Required, $250


Level l & II Reiki Workshop

Combination class for students who have previous experience with energy healing. 


Registration Required, $425 with Reiki Manual.